How Staffy works

Big events. Sick calls. No-shows. Regardless of reason, most hospitality establishments experience between two and fifteen staffing shortages monthly. And we all know how crucial even just one missing team member – be it a dishwasher, busser, prep cook, or chef - can ruin great service and food quality. However, given the pace of the industry, it’s often impossible to predict when you need staff.

This is where Staffy comes in.

Simply put, our app connects you with the staff you need, when you need them. From hosts and sommeliers to virtually any other role imaginable, we have a roster of qualified hospitality professionals that can solve all your staffing needs – often within as little as 90 minutes. So whether the shift-fill is immediate, temporary, or long-term, we’ve got you covered.

Since we’re not a staffing agency, we can operate more efficiently. Less overhead on our end means more savings for you while simultaneously keeping pay rates competitive for our contractors. Gone are the days of paying catering companies high hourlies with unreasonable markups. Here are the days of acquiring better-paid workers (servers, bartenders, and line cooks make an average of $21/hour) that offer a higher level of service and overall quality.

Our tech-based platform also allows you to easily handpick and outline any specific skills needed, offering a tailored experience. Have a great shift working with certain contractors? Feel free to request them again. Payment is also handled effortlessly in-app via credit card, with the touch of a button.

Though Staffy may sound novel to some, this isn’t an experiment: we’ve been happily connecting restaurants, hotels, event companies, plus other hospitality establishments with industry professionals since 2015. Our clients include top-tier restaurants and catering companies like ProvisionsTO, Canoe, and DaiLo. So if all this sounds too good to be true, don’t take our word for it:

“We don't have time to always worry whether our dishwasher is going to show up or not. Staffy gives us the confidence of knowing that we are covered. It's not easy for someone new to just slip on line and start working but their staff is sharp and adaptable. Just what you want when you are in need of someone last minute. Staffy has saved our ass, numerous times.”
- Grant Van Gameren of Bar Raval, Bar Isabel, El Rey, Harry’s Charbroiled, and Pretty Ugly.

So the next time you’re looking for extra dinner rush coverage, private party bartenders, wedding event staff, or even brand ambassadors, give us a call or text at 647.492.7823. Or, email us at And start thinking differently about on-demand hospitality staffing.