What makes for a good restaurant team? Well trained and happy staff! Training can seem like an arduous task, but it can also be really fun and engaging. Here are some simple tips to step up your staff training game…

1. Tasting!

Yeah we know… It’s a little obvious. But a restaurant worker’s two fave things are tips and a good drink! And we bet you could definitely take this type of training to the next level at your restaurant. Not only should waiters be tasting EVERYTHING they are selling, but so should your bartenders, hosts, food runners and bussers! This gets your whole front-of-house team excited about what you’re offering, and also means that when a food runner drops the food, they can describe the dish with even more detail.

Not only should front-of-house staff be excited and well versed on the food, but your back-of-house team should also have a strong understanding of your wines and beverage menu as well. This ensures that your entire team are knowledgeable about your food and beverage program, and keeps them engaged. Keep your tastings focused, limited and regular. Bring all your staff together to taste a couple food items, and a couple wines.

Fun idea: Do a blind taste competition with some of your top selling wines to test their knowledge!

2. Field Trip

What better way to develop a strong understanding of the product you’re selling, than by going to the source. This is a really fun team building activity. Take your team our to a local farm, winery, brewery or distillery! It’s loads of fun to see how the product gets from farm-to-table, or from grape-to-glass, and to learn from the people who make the product you sell to your guests. Not only will your staff have a great time, but they’ll feel more confident talking about the product to your guests because of the personal connection they made. And boom… More sales!

3. New Teachers

It’s important to always be teaching your staff, but it’s also important to let your staff learn more new teachers, with new teaching styles and new expertise! Make an effort to regularly bring in brand ambassadors or reps to talk about the products that you’re selling. They’ll have have an incredibly detailed knowledge of what you’re selling and who knows, you may even learn something yourself!

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Lucy Cullen


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