The laws are currently being drafted for the legalization of edibles in Canada. The sale of cannabis in food establishments will be similar to the regulation and sale of tobacco and alcohol. Even though we are a little ways away from the legalization of edibles, it’s time to start thinking about how restaurants are going to cash in on this.

According to CBC, a study from Dalhousie University found that of 1,000 Canadians, 46% said they’d try edibles if they became available on the market and 39% would try cannabis edibles in a restaurant. In Colorado, edibles are legal and on the market! Many restaurants are licensed and offering cannabis-infused items on their menu. Restaurants are finding lots of success with these menu items, and even with lineups on occasion to get the sought after products.

According to Restaurants Canada, the estimated total retail market for recreational marijuana is $5.5 to $5.8 billion which is about 2.5 times the annual spending at bars and nightclubs countrywide. Definitely a big opportunity to increase sales by putting edibles on the menu!

There’s many different ways to incorporate cannabis into food, but what about a drink? There’s one brewer who is taking advantage of this legalization. According to CBC News, Dooma Wendshuch of Ontario has purchased an 80,000 square-foot brewery to make the world’s first beer made entirely of cannabis. Wendshuch’s company, Province Brands plans on creating a drink like no other.

“People have been experimenting for many years by substituting hops with marijuana,” he said. “We did something totally different which is to find a way to brew a beer from the cannabis plant itself. We developed a process that uses the waste stream from the marijuana industry.”

This product will be ready to sell in 2019 when edibles are legalized. How are you going to incorporate cannabis into your menu?

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