Whether we’re talking about restaurant, hotel, event, or catering staff, one thing remains constant: the hospitality industry is often mentally and physically demanding with long shifts and challenging work environments. This often leads to issues with employee health and retention, which only worsens business operations for managers, owners, and operators.

One way to make things easier on everyone is to take better care of your staff.

Check in regularly. Whether it’s bi-weekly or just monthly, schedule 15 minutes to touch base. Are your employees happy with their schedule, getting along with other employees, and generally feeling engaged? Initially, you may not get the answers you’re looking for, but even asking them will show you care about your staff and that their well-being is important to the company.

Foster community. Employees may come and go, but teams that feel closest to friends and family are most likely to flourish. Give them opportunities to gather outside of work. Hold regular socials that aren’t just alcohol-fuelled parties. Organize a fundraiser where team members can contribute in different ways. Ensure employees have optional holiday celebrations for those who may not have family or close friends in their lives.

Protect your team. Sometimes personal life can be just as demanding as hospitality life. And with mental health issues on the edge of becoming an epidemic, ensuring healthy staff has never been more important. Check out organizations like Not 9 to 5, who provide resources for employers and employees alike.

Offer benefits. Yes, health benefits in smaller organizations are virtually unheard of. But the key is scaling what’s provided to make it sustainable from an operational perspective. As an example, Toronto’s Mahjong Bar gives employees a monthly credit of $50 that can be applied to any form of healthcare including fitness, therapy, or massages.

These are just a few ideas to get you started but the possibilities for employee care are endless. Just getting into this mindset along, should improve relationships with your staff.


Nelson Tam


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